Winter Riding Update

We recently received two new horses and have begun to train them. While Raja is still learning to stand still, Maze, is learning by leaps and bounds. When we first acquired these horses, they did not know how to carry a rider, respond to steering, or anything else that is required to ride them.

Since then, Lauren, with the aid of a few students, has taught Maze to carry a rider and what the steering signals mean, and we just had a huge breakthrough. Maze carried a rider and walked around the ring without Lauren leading her, only following the directions of the rider.

Another horse has been vastly improving lately as well. Johnny first came to us extremely overweight and not able to do much. While still chubby, he’s in better shape and we are beginning to jump him. He can now jump 2’9”, something his owner never thought he’d be able to do.

Left: Hannah practices jumping Johnny in the ring. (Photo by Venla)

Right: Maze carries a rider, Alyssa, unassisted for the first time. (Photo by Lauren)