“The purpose is not to create walking encyclopedias of knowledge… The ‘stuff’ the students learn is almost incidental to the enrichment of the context they gain for understanding themselves and their place in the universe.”  -Maria Montessori


Belle Meade Montessori School’s new Lower School for elementary children ages 6-12 is now accepting applications for enrollment. This expansion provides families an alternative option to public and charter schools in Rappahannock County and the surrounding areas and adds to the robust educational options already available to middle and high school students.

The elementary level offers curriculum for children ages 6-12 who spend the day developing their social skills and academic interests. Short group instructions introduce students to academic concepts while still offering time to pursue personal interests with one-on-one guidance from teachers. Physical activities are preferably held outdoors, including swimming, hiking, field sports, gardening and animal husbandry.



Montessori Elementary Education

  • Provides opportunities for collaborative exploration in which the child’s interests are supported and guided as they explore and expand their understanding of the universe
  • Encourages the development of self-confidence, imagination, intellectual independence and self-efficacy
  • Builds an understanding of the child’s role in their community, in their culture and in the natural world

Elementary Montessori at Belle Meade

At Belle Meade Elementary students learn to love learning and engage in their natural desire to do real work. Students freely explore the world around them doing their real work of exploring the universe and expanding their understanding of it. Students learn to read and write, expand their understanding of mathematics, science, social studies and the arts as they plan projects, implement their ideas and work together in school and on the farm.