What Is Montessori?

Through her direct observation and interaction with children during the early 1900s, Dr. Maria Montessori realized that children develop in identifiable periods, each one distinct and critical to children’s unfolding as individuals and members of society. Over the past century, the Montessori educational approach has been proven to be successful both nationally and internationally and is reinforced by current scientific research about child development. Belle Meade implements an educational environment that meets these developmental needs of the children.

Looking for an exciting, innovative, caring, and individualized preschool or elementary experience?

Belle Meade Montessori School’s new Lower School for primary children ages 3-5 is now accepting applications for enrollment. This expansion provides families an alternative option to public and charter schools in Rappahannock County and the surrounding areas and adds to the robust educational options already available to middle and high school students.

“We look forward to having new students and families grow with us through this expansion to primary- and elementary-level education,” says school owner Susan Hoffman. “Our students not only benefit from highly experienced teachers, but also spend time with animals, gardens and nature. We are dedicated to providing children with hands-on learning experiences where students can work, play, grow and form lasting relationships.”

The primary level offers services for children ages 3-5. Young children spend the day developing their imaginations and spatial awareness. Physical activities are preferably held outdoors, and students engage in self-guided work. The classroom is a colorful, tactile experience where young minds engage in art, building, and linguistic development. Students cultivate independence, coordination, responsibility and positive work habits.

 “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to the words but by the experiences in the environment.” ~ Maria Montessori