Student Produced and Performed Variety Show

Everyone is invited to laugh and sing with this student produced and performed variety show. This performance includes original skits and music written by students as well as some old favorites turned on their heads. Tickets for the Friday evening, March 11th, 2022 performance are $15 for adults and $10 for students. Tickets for the Saturday, March 12th performance (including lunch) are $20 for adults and $15 for students. Tickets to be purchased at the door.


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Trimester Dinner in Review

The Trimester Dinner was very eventful and lively! The high schoolers performed a mock Virginia Supreme Court case that showcased their study of American History. The middle schoolers also put on a performance of their Easter Readings Language Arts class with a shadow puppet theater of an ancient Chinese version of Cinderella.
This last trimester dinner was accompanied by Kimber and the band. They played a total of five songs. Their music ranged from classic rock to contemporary pop. The band consisted of Hannah and Lillie (vocals), Reilly (drums), Kimber (guitar/bass), and Gavin (guitar).
Everyone who attended brought food. The theme of the dinner was Greek as the middle schoolers are studying Eastern culture and history and wanted to have a dinner that related to what they were learning. The food that was brought was delicious and ranged from salad, tzatziki sauce, and gyros. We also had dessert, including cake, pie, ice cream, and baklava.
—Lilie and Morgan

Winter Riding Update

We recently received two new horses and have begun to train them. While Raja is still learning to stand still, Maze, is learning by leaps and bounds. When we first acquired these horses, they did not know how to carry a rider, respond to steering, or anything else that is required to ride them.

Since then, Lauren, with the aid of a few students, has taught Maze to carry a rider and what the steering signals mean, and we just had a huge breakthrough. Maze carried a rider and walked around the ring without Lauren leading her, only following the directions of the rider.

Another horse has been vastly improving lately as well. Johnny first came to us extremely overweight and not able to do much. While still chubby, he’s in better shape and we are beginning to jump him. He can now jump 2’9”, something his owner never thought he’d be able to do.

Left: Hannah practices jumping Johnny in the ring. (Photo by Venla)

Right: Maze carries a rider, Alyssa, unassisted for the first time. (Photo by Lauren)


Ski Thursdays Ahead

Ski season starts in January. Students will receive five sessions at Massanutten on Thursday afternoons. Transportation will be provided, and students should bring plenty of food. The fee schedule for both skiing and snowboarding is $224 for slope-use tickets, equipment rentals and lessons, and $212 for slope-use tickets and lessons.

Please bring in a check made out to Massanutten Resorts (GERM) to cover the cost of skiing before break begins. Students should sign up for “with equipment rentals” or “without equipment rentals” if they will bring all their own gear, including skis or snowboard. Helmets are not included in rental fees. Students may rent helmets for $12 cash each time they ski or may purchase and bring their own. Helmets can be bought from various sources for around $30.

On Thursday ski days, we will return to the Sperryville schoolhouse at 6:45 p.m. The white van will arrive at Hackley’s around 7:05/10, and the school bus will return to Belle Meade around 7:05/10. When Skiing season begins, please let us know if you plan to pick up your student in Sperryville, at Hackley’s, or at school.

Rolling with Community Bikes

The Belle Meade Physical Expression class facilitates self discovery. The goal for each student this year is to find an activity they enjoy and can do the rest of their lives. To help one of the students reach her goal of learning to ride a bike, we partnered with Community Bikes and recycle our old bikes and replace them with eight working ones.

Thanks to P.E. teacher Neil and parent volunteer Jason Arndt for taking several students to Community Bikes to learn how to repair and maintain our bikes.

New Horses Find a Home at Belle Meade

The morning of October 21 was crisp and misty. Our students rushed out from morning circle to meet Maze and Raja, our two new horses.
While sweet and well-loved thus far in life, they know little of structure and manners and even less about being ridden.

So with the changing of seasons, riding students have become riding teachers and spent the last several weeks showing the girls how life will now be for them here at Belle Meade. There are few things more rewarding than teaching (and being taught by) a horse.

As their instructor, I am excited to share in this experience and allow the students to be present as the horses learn, grow, and make mistakes, just as they do!

Farm Tour 2019

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Farm Tour an enjoyable day and successful fundraiser—especially to everyone who gathered items, volunteered for chef cook-off, prepared food, participated in the auction and raffle, and worked at the many jobs that made the day go smoothly.
In addition to fund raising, Farm Tour provided the opportunity to introduce many new people to the Belle Meade Community. We are particularly grateful for the part that our students played in hosting the community and showing visitors their school.

D.C. Field Trip

On October 10, students had the opportunity to visit several Smithsonian Museums, including the National Museum of African Art and the Freer Gallery of Art. One group of students also visited with a legislative staff member of Rep Riggleman to learn about the government process and how they can share their ideas in meaningful ways.

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