Exchange Students

“My time as an exchange student in the United States not only taught me many valuable lessons in life, but also made me challenge myself and allowed me to meet many fascinating people and make lots of new friends.” — Lasse Naumann, German Exchange Student

Traveling and living abroad provides a unique opportunity for students to visit a different country and experience a culture other than their own. Belle Meade Montessori School students have the option to participate in an overseas exchange during their junior year through Youth for Understanding (YFU) or another, similar program. We also encourage school families to host exchange students in their homes.

“Hosting an exchange student was an even better experience than we could have imagined. Lasse became part of our family. Our kids grew close to him, and gained a wider view of the world. It was a thrill to watch Lasse change and mature as his view of himself, the world, society, and our culture grew. The experience changed all of us for the better.” — John Glass, Teacher & Host Parent

Venla Sinissari (2019-2020)

Hometown: Espoo, Finland
Host Family: Val & Mike Amster, Warrenton, VA

Manaka Nakanishi (2018-2019)       

Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Host Family: Jennifer & Daniel Thede, Flint Hill, VA

Lasse Naumann (2014-2015)

Hometown: Dresden, Germany
Host Family: John & Becky Glass (Aroda, Virginia)

Elliott Eaton (2014-2015)

Hometown: Flint Hill, Virginia
Host Family:

Pascal Bott (2013-2014)

Hometown: Untervaz, Switzerland
Host Family: Jennifer Scherschel & Eric Eaton (Flint Hill, Virginia)