Trimester Dinner in Review

The Trimester Dinner was very eventful and lively! The high schoolers performed a mock Virginia Supreme Court case that showcased their study of American History. The middle schoolers also put on a performance of their Easter Readings Language Arts class with a shadow puppet theater of an ancient Chinese version of Cinderella.
This last trimester dinner was accompanied by Kimber and the band. They played a total of five songs. Their music ranged from classic rock to contemporary pop. The band consisted of Hannah and Lillie (vocals), Reilly (drums), Kimber (guitar/bass), and Gavin (guitar).
Everyone who attended brought food. The theme of the dinner was Greek as the middle schoolers are studying Eastern culture and history and wanted to have a dinner that related to what they were learning. The food that was brought was delicious and ranged from salad, tzatziki sauce, and gyros. We also had dessert, including cake, pie, ice cream, and baklava.
—Lilie and Morgan