Daniel Clement, Belle Meade School

Daniel Clement

Daniel Clement is the Upper School Science teacher and Homesteading guide. He was born in Oklahoma but moved to the Rappahannock community at a young age. Daniel was briefly home schooled but spent most of his K-12 education in Rappahannock public school. He went on to attend Lynchburg University, earning a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Notably, he spent time in Gamboa, Panama studying with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Ask him about spiders!

Daniel has a strong passion for science which makes educating exciting and fun. Throughout his life he was a boy scout, an athlete, an outdoorsman, a researcher, an explorer, a farmer, a construction worker, a coach, a student and a guide. All bringing valuable life skills to the Belle Meade community. Daniel has always been a helper and a problem solver. It brings him joy to bring these attributes to the classroom and educate on an individual level.

Daniel enjoys hiking, fishing, playing soccer, swimming, boating, visiting museums, and deep conversations that stimulate critical thinking.