Jake Rehm

Math and Sciences – Jake is a recent graduate of James Madison University where he studied Integrated Science and Technology with an environmental focus. He is an avid environmentalist and possesses a love for the outdoors, nature, and life in general. When he is not in school he can be found hiking, biking, camping, or participating in just about any sport he can.

Jake worked as a counselor and teacher at Nature Camp, (Vesuvius, Virginia) where he taught mycology and limnology, using a hands-on approach to effectively teach in an outdoor setting. In addition to his camp experience, he served an AmeriCorps term bringing environmental education to underserved elementary schools in New Hampshire. Jake enjoys teaching math and science in particular, as a way to highlight the wonders of the world, and he immensely enjoys guiding young people to look at the world in a meaningful way. He hopes to prepare all his students with the tools to continue growing their knowledge beyond the classroom.