Physical Education Classes


Our equestrian program offers a wide range of activities that serve beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. Lessons take place 3-4 times a week and involve a variety of activities: basic skills and techniques, horsemanship, ring work, trail rides, jumping, lunge training, equine therapy, and introductory fox hunting with local clubs. Additionally, the equestrian program runs a riding club that plans events and activities outside of school hours and organizes annual activities (such as trail rides) for club fundraisers.

Human Intimacy and Relationships Round Table

Interest in human intimacy is a natural attribute of adolescence that ties directly into self-concept and a developing self and social identity. This interest results in both questions and conversations. At Belle Meade, staff meet students where they are and guide students when they are ready to learn. Accordingly from time to time–and by student request–Belle Meade has group discussions (separated by gender) to frankly answer questions and discuss intimacy in a manner that encourages personal moral development and responsible choices.

Physical Expression

Physical Expression (Phys. Ed.) focuses on exploring and engaging in outdoor physical activities that can be continued throughout life. Students gain strength, skill, sportsmanship, and self-confidence through activities including hiking, swimming, canoeing, traditional sports, group games, archery, bicycling, and skiing.