English/Language Arts/Humanities Classes

English/Language Arts courses parallel the History/Government/Geography/Business & Economics courses each year for both middle and high school. Students see connections between what they learn in one class with what they do in another. English/Language Arts classes focus primarily on reading and writing, literature, and research. In addition, students have a separate Humanities class that includes public speaking, speeches, debate, mock trial, journaling, creative writing, resume writing, journalism, writing contests, SAT preparation and practice, independent projects, and cross-subject or cross-curricular assignments. We follow the Virginia Department of Education recommendation and guidelines for English/Language Arts. *Topics of study: US & American Literature, World Literature, British Literature, European Literature, Eastern Cultures & Literature, Ancient & Classic Literature, Latin American Literature

High School English/Language Arts/Humanities

In high school, students read and write more challenging, lengthier works while delving deeper into the study of literary analysis. Instruction focuses on learning and understanding various literary devices, writing techniques, and critical lenses. Students continue to develop the ability to comprehend, recall, analyze, and enjoy a diverse range of works through the study of prose, drama, and poetry. Likewise, composition assignments are more formal as the focus shifts from basic writing mechanics to organization, style, usage, audience, and voice. Students often compose written reflections on assignments, discussions, experiences, and topics of interest. In-depth research and literary analysis is a key aspect of high school English/Language Arts courses. Students study, discuss, read, and write about various styles and genres of literature, cultures, beliefs, and critical lenses. Long-term, independent projects are also assigned for more advanced students and classes.

Belle Meade School Summer English Assignments

Middle School English/Language Arts/Humanities

In middle school, students develop and strengthen their reading ability, comprehension, composition skills, language usage, memory, critical and analytical thinking, and cultural awareness. As they begin to study literature, students engage in understanding and analyzing novels, short stories, plays, and poetry through guided discussion and writing activities. Students complete independent reading assignments, using both classic and contemporary texts. Writing instruction emphasizes student achievement in basic composition, organization, usage, style, and thought through frequent informal and formal exercises that focus on basic writing skills and mechanics while crafting sentences, paragraphs, essays, speeches, articles, letters, stories, poems, plays, and songs. Students revise certain written assignments to further develop these skills. English grammar, mechanics, and vocabulary are taught as tools for clear communication of meaning, both spoken and written.

Belle Meade School Summer English Assignments