Career Opportunity

MS/HS Music and Drama Teacher

Hours: Two hours per day three days a week (six hours a week total – MWF afternoons). Willingness to teach PE two hours a week in addition is a plus.
(Certification is not required, but expertise and teaching skill is.)

Teaching position requires good classroom management, solid rapport with students, an ability to be a dynamic teacher, and expert knowledge of the subject area.

Focuses on vocals and string instruments. All students take Music and Drama. In the past, students have formed acapella groups and band groups under instructor guidance. You will be team teaching with a strings teacher who works primarily with advanced students. Student ability ranges from beginner to advanced. Student motivation ranges from highly motivated to low interest in music. 2nd trimester focuses on drama. All students participate in the school musical. Past performances include Broadway versions of Oklahoma, The Addams Family, and Footloose.

The music/drama position requires the ability to teach, manage, and motivate 16-20 students of varying abilities. This requires excellent classroom management and planning skills.

For specific hours, next year’s planned class schedule can be found at:

If interested, please fill out an application and send with cover email and resume to


    Grant Writer and Administrative Assistant

Hours: 16 hours a week at flexible times during school day. Occasionally there will also be work on specific grants as needed and approved during times school is not in session–mostly during the summer. This additional work can largely be done remotely.

Position requires initiative to explore projects, see needs, and fill them. Willing to provide informal training and guidance to an organized self starter who has good writing and computer skills.

*Willingness to learn school’s organization and needs.

*Seek out and apply for grants that will fund school and further student learning.

*Spearhead accreditation renewal by following accreditation guide and coordinating with staff.

*Create marketing and advertising material using photoshop or other photo editing program. Coordinate with publications and submit advertisements.

*Manage Social Media presence by taking pictures, writing, and making regular posts on Facebook and Instagram.

*Write and disseminate public relations press releases. This involves learning what publications are looking for, writing articles that represent the school, school activities and school philosophy, and getting them published. (Regular press release articles about events, happenings, and concepts to papers in Rappahannock, Warrenton, and Culpeper, as well a occasional articles to”>send resume and references.