About Us

Belle Meade School was established in 2007. Belle Meade has a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum coupled with social responsibility and working to create harmony with the land. Young people develop self-confidence and empowerment through challenging intellectual and physical activities in an atmosphere where their work is valued and respected.


All Belle Meade students receive instruction from highly qualified, motivated teachers, who teach lessons and create innovative assignments in the core academic subjects of math, science, English, social studies, and foreign language. Mastery in these areas is the desired outcome for all students. Many of our students work at an accelerated level in one or more core areas. Our music and art classes are taught by master teachers, who are also highly accomplished artists. The classes are rigorous, and the results are impressive.

Belle Meade School is radically different from most schools, yet at the core our community deeply values the academic tradition. We emphasize knowledge, skills, and critical and creative thought, and we teach our students to be lifelong learners. We prepare our students for college, but we also believe that a school must support a person’s quest to thrive in all aspects of life, not only as students but also as members of communities, families, governments, and businesses.

Thus, in addition to teaching lessons and creating assignments, Belle Meade teachers mentor students as they seek understanding, insight, and ideas about their experiences in the classroom, on the farm, with books and other media, and in the world. We strive to connect the academic lessons to each student’s life. At the core of our educational experience is sustainable living—living in balance and harmony with the earth.

Belle Meade School is an active member of The Virginia Independent Schools Association and is fully accredited.

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Belle Meade School