About Belle Meade Montessori Middle and High School

Belle Meade Montessori School provides an exceptional educational experience that includes individual responsibility as well as social and environmental consciousness through experiential learning. Belle Meade creates a community built on integrity and harmony, on love and respect for nature. Rooted on a holistic farm, the various facets of Belle Meade support, enhance, and complement one another. We welcome students from all backgrounds with or without prior Montessori experience. Accredited by Virginia Independent School Association (VISA).

Belle Meade Montessori School also offers a five-day boarding program that provides a communal living experience and fosters the development of practical life skills, personal independence, and community responsibility. Through this residential experience, students have an opportunity to explore and refine their sense of self.  Our family homes provide a safe environment for students to grow, mature, and explore who they are both as individuals and as members of society under the guidance of caring house parents. These residences become second homes for the students during the week while they return to their families on weekends.  They get the best of both worlds. 

“Success depends on self-confidence, on the awareness of one’s own talents, and of the many possibilities of their adaptation. The awareness of one’s own usefulness, the feeling that one can help humanity in various ways, fills the heart with a noble confidence.” – Maria Montessori


3 weeks ago
8th Grade Rise-Up Celebration - Class of 2022

Belle Meade's new high school students celebrate after their rise-up "graduation" ceremony!! Welcome Class of 2022 🙂



Career Opportunity

Belle Meade Montessori School is seeking an active, versatile, enthusiastic, middle/high school teacher to teach English, Spanish, physical education, and horseback riding for the 2018-19 school year.…

Skitstory of the World – Spring Performance

Belle Meade Montessori School presents Skitstory of the World Join us for a comic rendition of key moments in history. Dress Rehearsal, March 8th, 6 p.m. General Seating, March 9th, 7 p.m. Adults: $15…

STEAM Workshop

For Families with 5-11th graders You are invited to Belle Meade Montessori STEAM Workshop                                                                          …